Poinsettia, The Red Christmas Flower & How You Care For It

Christmas is near, and it’s time to get yourselves ready for the festivities. This year hasn’t exactly gone how we’d have liked, so it’s only right that we enjoy the winter break and spend it with the ones we love. When it comes to the decoration and aspects around Christmas, there are all kinds of special facets and artifacts that signify special meanings. One of those that many people may not know about is the Poinsettia – or the Christmas Flower. This beautiful plant goes perfectly with the entire season and tops off as tremendous Christmas décor. Let’s quickly run through a little more if you’re interested in understanding some more details regarding this wonderful creation.


What Exactly Is The Poinsettia?

Known also as the Nochebuena (The Good Night) flower, the poinsettia is a bright and beautiful plant that lights up any area it is placed within. Typically, red, pink, or white, the Poinsettia flower’s association with Christmas derives from an old Mexican legend about a young child with little to his name. They gathered small weeds from the side of the road and placed them at the church altar on Christmas Eve. What people witnessed that day was a miracle as the weeds turned into these beautiful bright flowers.

The meaning behind the flower is that of purity. They’re meant to symbolize good cheer and success while bringing wishes of mirth, positivity, and celebration. They’re to be brought up for wonderful occasions such as Christmas and cause nothing but joy. They have only a few negative effects but should be completely harmless in the grand scheme. For instance, when consumed, the most they’ll do is cause mild irritation and nausea. Diarrhea and vomiting have been noted in a few cases, but those are few and far between.

How Should You Care For Them?

When it comes to taking good care of the beautiful Christmas plants, you need to know first where to get them from – or, more specifically, the kinds of places to get them. You’ll want to buy your poinsettia from a reputable store such as a well-respected florist or garden center. They’ll be able to keep them in the best possible conditions so as to keep the lifespan at a healthier number. Check the poinsettia’s compost before buying if you ever get the chance. It should be the perfect mix between wet and dry – not too extreme on either side. Be sure to protect it from the wind and cold while transporting it to your home.

When it’s home, remember to keep it in a bright, warm spot. Do not keep it in direct sunlight or near drafts – this means keeping it away from windows and fireplaces if you can. If you want them to sit in a vase, be sure to cut the bracts and dip the cut end in warm water for five seconds. Afterward, immediately place them in cold water. Once that’s done, you should be ready to arrange however you like. All of these stages shouldn’t be too much hassle for you as you look to take care of them, but do be careful.

How Long Do They Typically Last?

Their lifespan obviously depends on how well you take care of them. On average, however, they should last around four to six weeks until they slowly start to give way and fall. If you don’t take care properly, then they’ll obviously spend a few weeks on this earth. Remember to keep them insulated in a warm home but kept away from direct heat. There needs to be a nice balance when it comes to how they’re treated.

Where Might I Find Some?

Poinsettias are native to Mexico, as we have mentioned previously. They will be found in the wild in deciduous tropical forests along the Pacific coast of Mexico. They can also be found in the seasonally dry forests of Guererro and in Oaxaca. Those are the initial locations, however. Luckily, they can now be found in more accessible parts of the world!

You can, of course, head to your local garden center or florist and ask if they’ll have a few in stock. You can also look online for particular deliveries and customize your poinsettias to however you’d like.

What Do They Go Best With?

When it comes to the Christmas flower designs and Christmas flower arrangements, you can come up with all kinds of different assortments. Of course, they look marvelous on a Christmas tree as they really compliment the greenery and the rest of the sparkling accessories. They also really go well in a snowy environment as the contrasting colors make them stand out and look even healthier.

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